Interior Design

Paint Color Cheat Sheets - Painting, Diy Home Improvement, Decorating
A pretty paint chip doesn't always make a pretty wall color. But this product lets you find the "right answers" in a paint color deck, fast. It's a shortcut to proven, tried and tested paint colors - as close to foolproof and no-fail as you can get!

Feng Shui Secrets That Will Change Your Life + 3 Bonus Gifts
The ultimate step-by-step guide devoted to showing you exactly how to invite Wealth Into Your Life, Attract Happiness, Find Love and So Much More in this easy-to-follow, 155 page high quality content Ebook *plus* 3 Bonus Gifts for each customer.

Easily create a Cosmic Star Ceiling. Step-by-step guide will teach anyone how to complete a star mural on their childs bedroom ceiling in an afternoon. Invisible by day - incredible at night. It will result in a jaw-dropping experience for your child!

How to apply Feng Shui to 26 areas of your Life & Home!
...and NO it doesn't involve anything crazy like standing on your head or throwing salt over your shoulder!

Home Decorating Made Easy
Finally! Step-by-step guidebooks show you exactly (With 1037 Color Photos and Illustrations) How to Create Beautiful and Inspiring Rooms, Even if your time and budget are limited...100% Guaranteed!

Turn any room in your home into a Tuscan dream escape! Easy, step by step tips and instructions utilizing up-to-date products and design techniques. Quality home decorating that is easy on your budget.

How to design and plan bathrooms ranging from simple makeovers to luxury installations.

A simple step by step guide to getting the beach look you see in magazines! Have you ever wondered how to re-create those fabulous beach rooms? I cover everything from how to choose your colours to decorating on a budget...and show you where to start!

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